What’s the Cost of Converting Garages and Kitchens in London?

If your family or your worldly possessions have outgrown your existing home, you are probably thinking about finding a bigger place to live in. However, before you visit a real estate agency, why don’t you evaluate your current dwelling and see if you can come up with a solution?

To begin with, consider your garage and kitchen. A good home refurbishment service can transform your garage or a part of your kitchen into an additional room and extend the living area. Refurbishment is a much more economical option than moving to a new home.

How much does converting garages or kitchens cost?

The cost you incur on conversion depends on two main factors. Firstly, the amount of work needed to give the space a complete makeover and secondly, expertise of the home refurbishment service you hire.

An efficient company works in a very systematic manner. A consulting team visits your home, evaluates the space thoroughly and comes up with an innovative and cost effective solution to change the face of a garage.

You can cut down considerable costs by making intelligent choices when it comes to building materials. For example, use engineered or laminated wood instead of hardwood for floors. For further cost savings, you can install a vinyl floor.

Use of recycled materials saves you a good deal of money. You can use fly-ash bricks instead of regular bricks. An efficient service provider keeps in touch with innovations in building materials and helps you save money on refurbishment.

At the same time, the experienced engineers of the home refurbishment company ensure structural stability of the space. Depending on your needs, additional walls might have to be built, existing foundation might need to be strengthened and more structural elements might have to be added to ensure safety of the structure.

A well planned strategy and the best use of cost effective materials can ensure that you get a new extended space without hurting your pocket.

Moving can be much more expensive

At the outset, moving might seem more cost effective than expanding space in your home. However, you need to re-evaluate your calculations.

Cost of transporting goods is not the only expense you incur when you move. You need to spend money on looking for a home, getting all the paperwork in order, paying for repairs and renovations at the new destination and arranging for funds to purchase/lease the property. All these cumulative costs might go well above expectations.

If you choose the right company, home refurbishment proves much more cost effective than moving.

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