Popular Home Extensions & Loft Conversions in London

Home extension is an affordable way of creating more space in your home. Some of the most popular areas that are usually subjected to extensions in homes are garages, patios, porticos, lofts and attics. Among all these choices, loft conversions are cost effective and extremely popular. If you need to add more space, perhaps to accommodate an additional bedroom, study or an office, contact an efficient London loft conversions service and enjoy myriad benefits.

One of the major benefits of converting the loft of your home is the flexibility you have in deciding the type of conversion. You can you decide the best conversion type based on your budget limits, building regulations, rules of local council, architectural type, available area and several other factors.

Rear home extensions

Rear home extensions are very popular in London. Back of the house is either converted into an extended living room, extra kitchen, a private study, bathrooms or a small bedroom. Availability of space at the back of the house dictates the extension type.

In addition to making your home more functional, rear extensions also add commercial value.

Types of loft extensions

Dormer loft conversion – Dormer loft conversions are the most popular. This type of refurbishment is mainly done to add a new dormer and create more floor space. Loft conversion experts extend the rear part of the roof to add more area. Typically, you can see this extension as a vertical projection emerging from a sloping roof.

Dormer loft conversions are of different types such as flat roof dormer, gable fronted dormer, hopped roof dormer and shed dormer. You can decide on the type of conversion based on your budget and feasibility for your existing structure.

Hip to gable conversion – If you home has a hip roof, one of the best options you have is hip to gable conversion. This is because hip roofs have very little internal volume. In hip to gable conversion, the hipped side of the loft, which is the sloping side, is converted into a flat gable type. It opens up a lot of space. You can use the new extension for storage, additional staircase and small studios.

Velux loft conversion – Velux conversions are essentially internal conversions and are also known as skylight conversions. A skylight is installed in your loft and this opens up some space that you can use for storage or a small bedroom.

Some kinds of home refurbishments and loft extensions need permits from the local authorities. An efficient London loft conversions professional can take care of all such formalities, in addition to creating a beautiful extended space for your home.

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