Heating Prices set to Rise again – Is your Property Insulated enough?

Between the weather and the increase in gas prices, heating your property is an expensive affair. While the increase in gas prices during the gas companies’ profit making spree in November last year is under extensive debate, residential and commercial consumers still have to pay the price for it. Despite six leading energy suppliers under pressure from the government to lower their tariffs, gas prices are all set to go up again.

To break away from the monotony of ever increasing heating prices, a few other alternatives to reduce gas bills have been explored. Among the top contenders is insulating your property adequately to lower such heating expenses.

How does insulating your home or commercial space help?

Whether it’s heating your home or an extensive retail, commercial or industrial space, insulating your property can considerably lower your heating expenses. Since we tend to lose heat through windows and doors, its best to ensure proper thermal insulation to avoid letting the heat escape through these sources and through any other cracks and crevices as well.

Thermal insulation effectively contains the heat within a building rather than generating more constantly. You are sure to witness a drop in your heating expenses if your property is well insulated.

Which system of insulation is best?

An overdose of insulation does not help either. Too many layers of insulation can lead to heat getting trapped in between these very layers. Therefore, property maintenance London experts believe it is best to stick to one insulating material that can help trap the heat.

Installing a reliable system throughout your property – in wall cavities, floor cavities and loft and attic spaces – can help the heat circulate within the building instead of letting it escape through them.

Ensuring that your system works

If you already have an insulation system in place and are not reaping the benefits of reduced utility bills, it’s probably time to ensure that your insulation system is doing its job.

Use of poor insulation materials and installation or, as mentioned above, multiple layers of insulation that trap heat within the system instead of within the building can all be reasons for the poor performance of your system.

Further, if you own a fairly older property, it’s best to ensure that the insulation system is still intact and has not been subject to wear and tear over time.

Property maintenance London projects are gaining momentum with innovative steps towards insulating older buildings like thermal renovations. While the infrastructure for economic heating in new buildings has been escalating over the years, provisions for older buildings have also been discovered.

Although other alternative methods of saving on heating expenses are available, like double glazing and boiler systems, property maintenance London experts still find thermal insulation to be the better and long term solution.

This system also ensures that your entire property retains heat uniformly than have freezing rooms and corners.

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