2013 Home Decorating Trends

Metals, bold colours and emphasis on art – these are some of the main trends that 2013 has brought with it. With men spending more time at home than ever before, a lot of the trends that 2013 is seeing is a reflection of male preferences translated into home decor. According to a few decorators in London, 2013, is the year that reflects true equality between men and women in terms of home décor trends.


The focus this year is more on furniture that has utility. Simple and elegant furniture that’s less flashy are in trend. People are looking to save space rather than clutter it with brazen furniture.


You will get to see a lot of texture. How different textures look together is a trend that cannot be overlooked. Materials like suede and wood are being teamed up. The key to 2013 décor is to get as many different kinds of textures in the room as possible. Glass cloth is pulled together with a marble table, a knitted table lamp and a woollen rug. All these textures add richness to the interiors.


This heavy metal from the ‘70s is making a strong comeback this year. Brass and bronze are the metals of the year. From tables to decoration pieces to staircases, your house is incomplete without having a bit of brass somewhere.

Handmade and Lace

Handmade décor, which has been out of the picture for the longest time is back and how. Be it rugs, carpets, cushions, wall coverings and baskets, they are all in fashion – either embroidered or knitted or even needle-crafted. The designs, however, are extremely contemporary, unlike the art, and are almost a reinvention of sorts.

Lace is not only back on the ramps this year but also in home décor. Many decorators in London are taking inspiration from Zara as well as H&M as both these outlets have introduced lace in their 2013 lines for home décor.


Stripes add a lot of art and elegance to the décor. This year, bold-colour stripes are in fashion, where you will see a red being teamed with black and white.


With art having become so accessible, paintings are an inevitable part of the home décor this year. Decorators in London suggest that even if you don’t understand whether a painting would go with your existing set-up or not, you should still give it a try. Remember if it’s a good painting, it will make the place look better no matter what.

Bold Colours

If art is not the thing for you, then make a statement by using bold colours in unusual places, where they stand out. Bold colours will add depth to your house, without taking space. Even the colour on the bedroom walls are of brighter hues this year – especially in the shades of yellow and green. In fact, emerald green has been declared as the colour of the year by Elle Décor.


The 1920’s influence is back. The ‘20s art décor has a noted influence on the walls this year. Decorators in London will surely tell you to add pattern to your solid colours. Prints influenced by great artists such as Picasso and Van Gogh are something to watch for. Even floral patterns will do!

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